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Why Invest in Lisburn Castlereagh City?

Northern Ireland offers inward investors one of the most attractive support packages available in Europe.  Working with our partners in Invest NI Investors may be able to take advantage of:

  • Revenue grants towards start-up costs, interest relief, factory rental costs, training costs, marketing development costs and R&D. R&D capital spending can be written off against income.
  • Pre-employment training grants.
  • Finance investment in the share capital of a company and government loans at commercial and concessionary rates.
  • Property tax exemptions for manufacturing property.
  • Generous depreciation allowances.

Investing in Northern Ireland means investing in:

  • Location –an integral part of the United Kingdom. Almost 1,100 international companies have invested in Northern Ireland
  • Education - the best performing education system for primary maths in Europe, and the sixth best in the world. 
  • Cost Competitiveness – 
    • Fiscal Environment: 19% Corporation tax (2nd lowest in Western Europe). 
    • Research & Development 
      • Patent Box Corporation tax of 10%.  
      • R&D Tax Relief 12% HMRC R&D Expenditure Credit.
  • Technology - one of the fastest growing tech clusters in the UK (Northern Ireland is one of FT fDi Intelligence’s Top 10 Digital Economies of the Future).
  • Global Business Services - a depth of skills available from human resources, finance, auditing, supply chain management, customer support, marketing, consultancy and legal services.
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering - a strong engineering heritage with an international reputation.
  • Life & Health Sciences - a hub for cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of life and health sciences.
  • Food & Drink - Northern Ireland’s food & drink producers are dedicated to traceability and passionate about quality.
  • TV, Film & Digital Media - a region rich in creativity that enjoys a global reputation for innovation.
  • Innovation - a rich heritage of innovation
  • A Great Place To Live - Research shows Northern Ireland people are the happiest in the UK.

Not only does Lisburn Castlereagh offer an advantageous location, skilled workforce and a successful track record; Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council can offer a tailored programme of support, making the investment transition as smooth as possible.

Businesses wishing to relocate to the council area or expand their current operations can access the council’s unique ‘Soft Landing Programme’ The Lisburn Soft Landing Programme is an exciting initiative where a team of local professional businesses, specialist business support organisations , the Chamber of Commerce and the local College have teamed up to offer free initial consultation / mentoring/ training or coaching sessions to businesses setting up in the Lisburn area. The Soft Landing team will provide expert advice and support on a range of business related areas such as the law , financial planning, sales & marketing,  property, IT systems and human resources.

This unique programme of incentives and information for prospective companies, delivered by the council’s Investment Team, form part of Lisburn Castlereagh’s business-friendly welcoming culture and reduces the associated risks for investors.  We also offer relocation and property advice and encourage investors to visit to our area and take a closer look at the opportunities that exist. 

With over half a million square foot of new city centre developments and a number of prime sites that have been earmarked for new hotel, retail and office development, there has never been a better time to invest in Lisburn Castlereagh. 

We listen, We deliver

Following the local government reform in April 2015, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council obtained increased planning and economic development powers.  We are utilising these powers to bring development and prosperity to our local economy.

We work in partnership with all local authorities to deliver a community plan for our area.  This means helping the people of the area shape their City.

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council is responsible for preparing a new Local Development Plan to guide future development across the Council area up to 2030. This will provide a 15 year plan framework to support economic and social needs in the area, in line with regional strategies and policies, while providing the delivery of sustainable development.

The Local Development Plan provides a statutory link with the Council’s Community Plan, and will include a spatial land use reflection of the Community Plan providing a vision of how places should change and what they will be like in the future.