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High Technology

Lisburn Castlereagh has a growing technology sector and is particularly suited to small and medium sized operations for example 30 – 200 person operations. These businesses will find an excellent support package through our Soft Landing Programme and will be attracted to the new property developments which provide excellent office accommodation in the City close to the thriving city centre with easy commuting for staff living in Lisburn Castlereagh, Belfast and the many towns and villages within easy reach of Lisburn Castlereagh.

Lisburn Castlereagh – The Perfect Location

Lisburn Castlereagh has the advantage of an excellent location where companies can tap into a large catchment area of skilled people and a very competitive cost base. Lisburn Castlereagh has excellent connections with  key businesses centres across Europe – particularly London , a local college experienced in delivering tailored training for leaders in the  business service sector and excellent telecommunications.

Northern Ireland is a well established location of choice for global business services including  outsourcers, shared services centres and contact centres. The business services sector employs around 13,000 people with recent investments from Herbert Smith, Allen & Overy and Rigney Dolphin highlighting the region’s strong proposition for international firms.

Lisburn Castlereagh is already home to a thriving cluster of professional service companies from executive recruitment companies , high end web design to international marketing. Lisburn Castlereagh’s proximity to Belfast combined with its skills, lower cost base and redevelopment programme make it an ideal location for Business & Professional Services companies.

Why Lisburn Castlereagh?

Our people are the key attraction. Business and professional service companies locating in Lisburn Castlereagh will have access to well-educated people who have a professional attitude and strong work ethic. Northern Ireland’s two Universities are close by while the local further education college – South East Regional College is particularly responsive to business. Together these institutions produce over 4,000 graduates annually with skills, competency and acumen in business relevant areas - computer science, finance, accounting, human resources, economics, law mathematics, business management and languages.

By investing in Lisburn & Castlereagh, companies can avail of the Council’s Lisburn Soft Landing Programme - an exciting initiative where a team of local professional businesses, specialist business support organisations , the Chamber of Commerce and the local College have teamed up to offer free initial consultation / mentoring/ training or coaching sessions to businesses setting up in the Lisburn area. The Soft Landing team will provide expert advice and support on a range of business related areas such as the law, financial planning, sales & marketing, property, IT systems and human resources.

High Quality – Low Cost

Northern Ireland costs are very competitive with the rest of the UK. In particular Lisburn Castlereagh’s operating costs are highly competitive and among the lowest in the UK and Europe. Lisburn Castlereagh wage costs are lower than in Belfast and well below UK costs. A wide variety of business facilities are available at highly competitive costs with prime office rents among the lowest in the world; as little as £12.50 per sq ft in the Greater Belfast area, compared to £21.76 per sq ft in Dublin and £31.99 per sq ft in Washington DC, USA.

Well Educated Workforce

Business & Professional Services companies in Lisburn Castlereagh can hire from Northern Ireland’s highly educated and skilled English-speaking workforce which provides a steady stream of talent for  business service companies. The region has one of the youngest populations in Europe and educational achievements are high, with students consistently performing well above other regions at GCSE and A-Level.

A high proportion of Lisburn Castlereagh residents are  well educated – almost 43 % of the population  to UK Level 3 and above.

Lisburn Campus Business Services business Park